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lovre never wanted me   
06:56am 18/11/2009
  ...but i took it anyway....  
06:48pm 05/05/2009
mood: confused

if nobody wants you
is it worth it?
at school   
09:09pm 14/04/2009
mood: stressed
with adam.
and i should be used to 'we're leaving at x:xx'
but i wind up leaving fucking hours later.
but tonight i actually belived i was going to be leaving at 9.
but no, oh nono.
3 hours of guilld wars isn't enough.
'20 minutes'
are you really that hungry?'
no jackass, i'm not hungry.
i wanna fucking leave aldery.
and this jackass teacher was just standing behind me and goes
'is this for real?'
when i was playing webkinz.
ok, i'm going to go blahblahblah, im a pompous jackass.'
did adam say anything?
he giggled at me and said,
i told you that  guy was a jackass.
no pussy for adam.

her quotes are   
06:25pm 31/03/2009
mood: creative
i hope everyone sees this.<br />
we're doing our makeup, duh.<br />
which waaaaaaaaaaaaaaas whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? <br />
oathhhhmeal raisin.<br />
mexicano rights!<br />
slow anger. and sadness.<br />
snickerdoodle!<br />
cherry tunrover!<br />
bryan, the hot neighbor guy.<br />
i started smoking after i almost got trampled.<br />
i want a tip.<br />
you get snappy when youre happy.<br />
im a highhbi.<br />
the plannerbook paper.<br />
what the fuck are you doing with that can? you'll see.<br />
surprise butt sex.<br />
frisk me, b. friend!<br />
what kind of shampoo do you use!?<br />
oh, shit, my gum just fell! lets all spit!<br />
hey deno, lets play the penis game!<br />
sing a song with us! only if its in my language.<br />
are you gay? DID YOU JUST ASK IF HE WAS GAY!? stop hiding behind me.<br />
strike a pose!<br />
BOOBS!!<br />
vaj-shot.<br />
hold my boobs; its too dark in there!<br />
he's not dead, he's just pontificating.<br />
that ghost pirate had WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much rum. yeah, thats alotta fucking puke.<br />
then we kept doing the whole 'disappearing' thing.<br />
let's go swing. hell no, there's too many moskwitoes..<br />
let's fuck like egyptian rats spit!<br />
seriously kayla, where the duel are you?<br />
what the duece!<br />
seriously, in just ONE porn, i wanna hear some guy say 'thats the ticket.'<br />
penis on the back.<br />
do you have my ring yet; we're getting married on tuesday.<br />
way to crash a wedding in your mulch truck.<br />
god, what the fuck, kayla; this coke tastes like butter now.<br />
i was really scared that the joint would taste like pizza because i was always eating right before you passed it.<br />
what the hell; it smells like bacon in here.<br />
HA!; i blew it right outta the fuckin tube!<br />
stop making sex noises when you're in pain!<br />
when we get to your house, you need to hit me really hard so i can get over the whole 'sex noise' thing.<br />
he's got his string; he likes to tell us about it.<br />
lets get some hot guys here to play with us. im not kissing some random guys in the balcony thing!<br />
youre spitting way better now!<br />
shit; it just went down my chin!<br />
oh, yeah, bree! i just squirted it ALL over her chest! could you guys stop being so sexual about that? no....<br />
HEY!! what? nothing!<br />
hey theres a mosquito on your forehead. -SMACK!- hey; there wasnt a mosquito on my forehead!<br />
lets crimp our hair again.<br />
i love you too, but im gunna mase your FACES now!<br />
-snort- ryan -snortsnort- whats up?<br />
what the hall; heres your tampon.<br />
in the butt<br />
she -gag- made me -gag--gag- picture them -gag-..-gag--gag-doi-gag- doing it in THE BUTT!! -gag--gag--gag--gag--gag- im ok now.<br />
dude, i didn't fist your anus.<br />
i want a fucking burrito.<br />
no! damn the sex noises are back!<br />
infamous scene queen hannah beth just totally farted on my bed.<br />
would you just shut up and listen to the joke? you can do your whore dance later!<br />
hoochie monroe<br />
want me to put on my novelty lamps!?!?!<br />
ew this smells like butt...<br />
i'm on to you, thomas: common spelling.<br />
i'm not paying you to just sit there! give 'em a good blow!<br />
my god, she gets uglier every time i look at her! i can't look at her anymore!<br />
oh, i thought you said something about a beaver...<br />
this one's for you, b. friend!<br />
my grandma never said the word penis; we're dedicating this one to you.<br />
straight guys don't like other guys' crotch luggage rubbin' all up on 'em.<br />
fuck fisting! she probably foots herself...<br />
give me the extendable penis and no one gets hurt...<br />
i thought we were gonna read a movie!<br />
it touches like godliness.<br />
god; why does everyone think im a lesbian?<br />
god, youre going to set my fire on crotch on fire. FRICTION! there..firecrotch, for REAL!<br />
now theyre ass spoons. here, turn around. theyre tit spoons again.<br />
store this knife in your tits.<br />
its hip sex.<br />
why cant he wear clothes to do yoga?<br />
oh god, why is he wearing sandals!?!?!?!?
fuck that shit; youre the juggler.<br />
you're hot and im horny; come hither.<br />
well, he's just a trendy guy with his expensive girlfriend.<br />
Brendon, your name is cowboy bob from now on.<br />
i bet her last name is zimmermann.<br />
what was that!?!? oh, it was hay. dude, you look like youre trippin balls. i am, im reallysweaty, and..<br />
well, have fun not throwing up on me.<br />
-hug- ohh, you smell funny.<br />
i never saw josh as the renaisance fair type. no, more like, the gay bar type. yeah, he'd fit in really well there. be all like, heyy guyyysss<br />
she takes up everyone else's forehead room.<br />
dear livejournal   
12:23pm 17/12/2008
mood: almost stoned
i love being stoned.
yes i do.
its so fun.
specially since i got the new pipe.
its pink and rezed up.
and the frogs on the inside.
he can   
04:21am 06/12/2008
mood: pissed

go fucking home.
dont fucking disrespect me in my goddamn house.
dont play your stupid game when i just wanna fucking check something.
quit smoking all my fucking cigarettes.
dont fucking judge my habits when you do the same ones.
you introduced me to two of them.
go sleep upstairs.
better yet,
why dont you sleep at your own house and eat your own food.
you stupid cock sucking motherfucker.
stop being mean to me.
stop sayinn bullshit things to me.
i think i'd be in the heroes section   
12:18am 06/12/2008
mood: depressed
if i went to the school sky high, or whatever its called.
even tho sometimes
i cant believe   
02:55am 04/12/2008
mood: whatever

i shaved my legs for you.
i just read this   
02:51am 04/12/2008
mood: cold
we're like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together until they got wet and then they just didnt fit together the same any more.

we were like the first
drink of soda that just got poured on ice, now we're the sip after all the ice has melted and watered the soda down.

i woke up on the bitch side of the bed this morning   
02:28am 04/12/2008
mood: blank
and aparantly everything i do is wrong now.
and im always to blame.
always victimizing, i am.
[^yoda, much?^]
i should just go kill myself.
not like adam john kopchinski, my supposed
future husband,
would fuckin care.,
im nothing anyways.
08:56pm 03/12/2008
mood: pissed

im the worst fucking driver in the history of history.
just ask adam john kopchinski.
i told him to stop being so critical, because i'm just now learning how to drive
and he's like like
im not being critical
and then he said something completely uncalled for with vulgar language that hurt my feelings.
so a big
fuck you
to adam.
he can just go ahea and suck a big one.
been sick for a while now   
11:52pm 24/11/2008
mood: sick

and by the time adam called me back
i was sleeping
love you.
hope kevo come to get you in the morning
hannah and tiana are both online   
11:50pm 24/11/2008
mood: sick

i wanna smash her face into a car windshield
and then take dorothy mantooth out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again

am i the last one to know//   
12:39am 23/11/2008
mood: cranky
about trav mccoy and katy perry?
ive hated her for the longest time.
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bee tea double ewe   
12:35am 23/11/2008
mood: pissed off
i forgot
where is your boy tonihgt i hope he is a gentleman   
12:27am 23/11/2008
  mine slept ober last night.
and hes staying over tonight again too.
yay me.
hes being so phkn annoying tho.
so there.

adam john kopchinski.   
03:55pm 20/11/2008
mood: energetic

hes my boyfriend, mhm.
and i love him, mhm.
so back up off it, mhm.
whoa.. i just like we're losing control   
03:19pm 20/11/2008
mood: thirsty
but if you let go, ill let go tonight.
but he didnt let go.
i suppose that would have been for the best.
even tho i did run out and frantically try to find my deo so i smelled all pretty for him.
you know you like how fruity i smell.
now some lady is staring at me.   
03:19pm 13/11/2008
mood: confused

that creepy guy from the b townne library is here.   
03:16pm 13/11/2008
mood: nervous
and hes sitting right across from me.